About Us

Matt Rice

Founder & Lead Developer

Matt is highly motivated and knowledgeable. His vast experience comes from years serving as CTO for several companies. He has a deep understanding of web development and numerous marketing techniques.

Tara Rice


Tara is a key asset to keeping projects organized and delivered on time. She has years of administrative, marketing and business development experience that are crucial to the success of the company.


Team Mascot

This guys pulls out all the tricks and his agility skills are always a crowd pleaser. When he's not entertaining, he is available for moral support and belly rubs.

Refer your contacts and earn huge rewards!

We all can jump on call, make our introductions, and get the project started. It's just that easy, we handle everything from there. We'll give you updates on the progress of the project and you can earn rewards up to $1,000 per referral.